Hear from Our Customers How They Realize Value with ProVation® MD

ProVation® MD for Gastroenterology can benefit hospitals, health systems and ambulatory surgery centers in a number of ways - from improved procedure documentation and coding to streamlined information access and significant cost savings. Users at more than 1,000 GI facilities nationwide - including 16 of the Top 20 U.S. Gastroenterology Hospitals as ranked by U.S. News & World Report - have discovered the power of ProVation MD.

Read first-hand how ProVation MD has helped organizations across the nation realize valuable benefits:

Alegent Health: ProVation® MD Software Enhances Image and Information Access

For Alegent Health, manual dictation and transcription had long created issues for physicians' procedure documentation in its GI labs - issues that extended to its referring physicians, who were hampered by limited access to endoscopy results and procedural images. To address these challenges, Alegent Health looked to ProVation MD for Gastroenterology to streamline procedure documentation and coding and improve access to patient information. As a result, ProVation MD has enhanced patient care and increased physician satisfaction at Alegent Health.

Gastroenterology Associates of Central Virginia: ProVation® MD and ProVation® MultiCaregiver Streamline Workflow

Gastroenterology Associates of Central Virginia struggled with the patient charting system it had inherited from its parent hospital. Because it was designed for use in a hospital setting, the system required labor-intensive processes to prepare and manage patient charts in the ASC - and consumed significant resources and large volumes of paper in what was designed to be a "paperless" environment. Deployment of ProVation MD for Gastroenterology streamlined Gastroenterology Associates' charting, improved access to patient information and significantly reduced expenses associated with creating, maintaining and storing paper charts.

Gastroenterology of The Rockies: Combined ProVation® MD and ProVation® MultiCaregiver Delivers Increased Throughput, Significant Cost and Time Savings

The area's most preeminent gastroenterology/endoscopy group, Gastroenterology of The Rockies embraced a "paperless" environment long before many of its contemporaries. To achieve this goal, it looked to ProVation MD for Gastroenterology and ProVation MultiCaregiver. By driving creation of medically rich, billing-ready, image and diagram-enhanced notes with correct CPT®/ICD codes, ProVation software has resulted in significant cost savings and positively impacted workflow.

Harmony Surgery Center: Finds Documentation and Coding Solution with ProVation® MD

Before opening its doors, Harmony Surgery Center decided to forgo traditional dictation/transcription processes in favor of electronic procedure documentation and coding software with ProVation MD for Gastroenterology - a move that put the ASC well ahead of the curve in terms of health IT. As a result, Harmony Surgery Center has streamlined its workflow by automating previously manual documentation, coding and billing processes. This has generated overall cost savings by ensuring correct coding and appropriate reimbursement.

Huntsville Hospital: Improves Revenue, Compliance with ProVation® MD Gastroenterology

When Huntsville Hospital set out to improve physician documentation in its GI lab to better comply with Joint Commission standards related to post-procedure notes, it looked to ProVation MD for Gastroenterology. By streamlining documentation and coding processes and improving accuracy, ProVation MD has enabled Huntsville Hospital to achieve greater compliance and reduce CPT® errors for improved revenue recovery.

Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy: Goes Paperless with ProVation® MD, ProVation® MultiCaregiver

Since its inception, Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy has focused on leveraging health IT to provide the highest levels of quality and safety, and to streamline physician workflow and patient throughput. The Center turned to ProVation MD for Gastroenterology and ProVation MultiCaregiver to achieve these goals and to minimize overhead costs by eliminating paper from the care process. Since implementation, Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy has realized an annual savings of tens-of-thousands of dollars by eliminating paper from the organization.

Washington Square Endoscopy Center/PHGI Associates: Reduces Costs in a Paperless Environment with ProVation® Software

Washington Square Endoscopy Center has been a ProVation customer since 2003, utilizing both ProVation MD and ProVation MultiCaregiver to streamline physician workflow and transition to an entirely paperless environment. Among the benefits realized from operating in a paperless environment are an annual cost savings of tens-of-thousands of dollars in chart costs, improved documentation and coding, and better information access across the organization.