Solutions for Informatics Analysts

As the professional who helps bridge the gap between health IT and the needs of clinicians at the bedside, you play a vital role in the future of healthcare. It is a challenging position. Faced with an unprecedented number of regulatory initiatives, as an informatics analyst, you must identify the most effective technology infrastructures and workflows to drive continuous quality improvement and cost reduction.

Aligning patient care with heightened performance expectations is no small challenge, and you must have systems in place to:

  • Drive standardization of care based on the latest industry evidence
  • Promote use of evidence-based care plans by nurses and allied health professionals
  • Support integration of disparate systems and successful roll-outs of new technology

ProVation Order Sets, powered by UpToDate® Decision Support and ProVation® Care Plans, powered by Lippincott Solutions work in tandem to equip you with the tools needed to promote higher performance and improved outcomes across the clinical continuum.

Minimize Risk and Achieve a Return on Investment

  • ProVation Order Sets and ProVation Care Plans provide an easy-to-use content management system that maximizes collaboration and dramatically improves order set and care plan approval cycles
  • Integrations with leading EHR and CPOE systems help IT teams save valuable time in getting order set and care plan templates into their clinical system
  • Comprehensive implementation and technical support services ensure successful deployments
  • Flexible purchase options allow IT professionals to manage budgets effectively

Improve Adoption Rates

  • ProVation Order Sets and ProVation Care Plans provide evidence-based content derived from the names your clinicians trust the most - UpToDate and Lippincott Solutions - helping drive acceptance and adoption of CPOE and care plans within your EHR system
  • 89% of physicians who use UpToDate embedded in their EHR system said it enhanced their satisfaction with the EHR