Solutions for Nurses

In today's healthcare climate of doing more with less, you are increasingly challenged to provide the highest level of care while aligning workflows with an evolving IT and regulatory landscape. Though few would dispute the potential of care plans to standardize care delivery and improve patient outcomes, documenting a patient's care plan often becomes one more thing you have to do in an endless sea of tasks.

To elevate care plan and care plan template management initiatives to truly impact patient care and outcomes, you must find efficient ways to:

  • Create interdisciplinary care plan templates to drive standardization of care
  • Incorporate clinical decision support into care plan templates, based on the latest industry evidence
  • Update care plan template content as industry evidence changes
  • Align point of care patient care plans with key quality measures defined by CMS, The Joint Commission, AHRQ, and other standards bodies

ProVation® Care Plans, powered by Lippincott Solutions provides evidence-based interdisciplinary care plan templates, for use alongside or inside of your hospital's EHR system. Developed in concert with Lippincott and their network of hundreds of practicing nurses, ProVation Care Plans helps improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

Improve Performance Outcomes and Compliance

  • Evidence-based care plans guide nurses through the care documentation process, helping to standardize care and advance uptake of industry best practices
  • Care plan templates come with narratives and links to quality measure definitions dictated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), The Joint Commission, and other standards bodies, providing nurses and allied health professionals with quick reminders for quality practices

Speed Care Plan Template Development and Adoption

  • ProVation® Care Plans delivers an easy-to-use content management system that maximizes collaboration and dramatically improves care plan template approval cycles
  • Embedded links to the highly-respected content of Lippincott Solutions and UpToDate enable quick access to evidence-based best practices, and also a wealth of reference materials to support the interdisciplinary goals and interventions