ProVation® Care Plans is created in partnership with Lippincott Solutions, the leading international provider of online evidence-based practice workflow products. Created by nurses for nurses, the ProVation care plan templates are defined by Lippincott clinicians, as well as a network of hundreds of practicing nurses, and then brought into the ProVation Care Plans solution to be enhanced with standardized terminology, links to evidence graded by ProVation Medical clinicians, and reinforced with interdisciplinary interventions and goals. The end result is a database of hundreds of care plan templates, including reference links to online resources of current best-practices, quality and safety measures, treatments, drug information, and diagnostic tests.

Lippincott Solutions

Brought to you by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a leading provider of trusted content and professional solutions for practicing nurses, Lippincott Solutions is a point-of-care workflow solution comprised of Lippincott Procedures, Lippincott Advisor, and Lippincott Professional Development programs. An integrated application suite of online clinical information and professional development products, Lippincott Solutions supports bedside evidence-based practice to:

  • Increase patient safety by providing access to evidence-based online information and reference materials to support efforts in reducing common healthcare errors
  • Streamline and increases competence with evidence-based practices by providing easy access to information and detailed instructions written specifically for nurses
  • Promote standardized care by providing all nurses with access to the same evidence-based procedures, skills and reference information
  • Encourage a culture of learning with 24/7 access to on-the-job training, tutorials, case studies and continuing education courses