Integration with Epic

ProVation® Medical has developed a streamlined integration of the ProVation Care Plans care plan templates into EpicCare Inpatient Clinical System. Via use of the ProVation Care Plans content management system, even the most non-technical user can export one or more care plan templates to the standard Epic file format, making import into Epic a short administrative task. Further, the integration enables multiple care plan layout options, allowing the interdisciplinary care team to define the layout in the content management system, and have that appearance carry over into Epic.

The sections of the care plan templates that are imported into Epic's Care Plan module include:

  • Care Plan Name
  • Problems
  • Goals
  • Interventions
  • Associated Narratives
  • Links to evidence, signs and symptoms, diseases and conditions, diagnostic tests and quality measures
  • NEW -- Flowsheet Rows associated to Interventions and Goals

Additionally, all patient education-related interventions and related links to evidence are imported into Epic's Patient Education module as Teaching Topics.

Benefits of Integration

Using the ProVation Care Plans integration with Epic, hospital informatics teams reduce the time spent getting care plan content into Epic. Not only is double-data entry avoided, but teams can manage a single version of the truth in the ProVation Care Plans content management system, leveraging key features such as setting reassessment date reminders, version control, and tracking care plan reviewer comments. The result is accurate care plan content in Epic, enabling better quality of care and patient outcomes.