Content Management Overview

Standardizing care with the latest goals, interventions and best practices at the point of care requires the creation of a comprehensive library of interdisciplinary care plans. It also requires continuous monitoring and regular reviews to ensure care plans stay current as evidence changes.

It is a daunting task, the complexity of which is exacerbated when it is undertaken without the help of an advanced care plan solution - creating major headaches for healthcare organizations and lending to lengthy authoring and review processes and inconsistent monitoring.

ProVation® Care Plans, powered by Lippincott Solutions, delivers an easy-to-use software application for hospitals to collaboratively customize and manage their care plans over time. The content management component is comprised of three primary processes - authoring, collaboration and maintenance - to address comprehensive content management needs.

With ProVation Care Plans, healthcare organizations consistently achieve a return on their investment due to:

  • Improved care plan authoring and turn-around times
  • Easy, efficient clinician collaboration via a web-based message board
  • Quick and easy updating of the care plans library to ensure that content remains current and complete as evidence and best-practices evolve
  • And, for hospitals running EpicCare Inpatient Clinical System, better and faster integration

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