Collaborative Review

ProVation® Care Plans, powered by Lippincott Solutions, eliminates the time-consuming headaches associated with rounding up busy nurses and allied health professionals to review, edit and approve care plans. Its collaborative web-based reviewer application provides an easy-to-use interface that drives efficient review, approval and printing of care plans, saving hospitals time and money.

Our well-honed collaborative review capabilities have a proven track record of accelerating content development and approval cycles at all sizes of hospitals and health systems. Many have realized significant ROI by reducing the care plan governance team's project fulfillment time by 80%. It enhances the efficiency of care plan build-outs, enabling the creation of dozens or even hundreds of care plans in as little as 6 months.

NEW! ProVation Care Plans Web Application - Access from Any Web Browser on Any Type of Device

Built using HTML5 technology, the new, advanced user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, speeding clinician training and uptake of ProVation Care Plans. Enhanced usability features - including single-click approvals, tracking of clinician "likes", and a real-time message board with threaded comments - further streamline the care plan development process, ensuring efficient roll-out of the latest evidence-based decision support at the point of care.

The web application's responsive design conveniently adjusts to various screen sizes. Its cross-platform/cross-device accessibility delivers a uniform user experience and keeps user productivity high.

Key Features of the Web Application

  • Personal dashboard of assigned care plans that provides each reviewer with a clearly-defined list of assignments and due dates
  • Comment threads across each section of the care plan (e.g., assessments, risk factors, expected outcomes and interventions) that enable comments by one or multiple reviewers, with a full thread visible to all reviewers
  • Author comments and status updates that are automatically distributed to the review team when changes are made
  • External evidence links to Lippincott Advisor, UpToDate and Ovid that provide real-time access to the recommendations supporting the care plan
  • Ability to browse the entire ProVation library of order set templates and make a request for an order set to be implemented
  • Ability to invite colleagues to review an order set