ProVation® Care Plans, powered by Lippincott Solutions, provides a dynamic and flexible authoring system that enables streamlined creation of evidence-based care plans. A host of advanced features and tools, alongside the trusted clinical content of Lippincott Solutions and UpToDate®, promotes efficiency, standardization of best practices and consensus.

Key features include:

  • Easy copy of care plan templates to your organization's library from the ProVation® Care Plans library
  • Structured authoring
    • Care plan templates follow a standard layout of sections and subsections
    • All terms, names, and phrases are predefined, ensuring standardized terminology across your library; users can also add custom terms to meet their particular needs
    • Anticipatory menus guide the author through the library of terms, enabling quick care plan authoring
    • Drag-and-drop subsections enables quick rearranging
    • Print preview
  • Versioning / version control for managing unique versions of care plans that can quickly be reverted if necessary
  • Easy comparison capabilities that allow users to compare care plan versions
  • Export capabilities for multiple formats including PDF, XML, CSV and RTF, and the unique file format for EpicCare Inpatient Clinical System
  • Email reminders that alert authors to key dates for care plan reassessment
  • Tools for defining a review workflow process, managing a list of reviewers and managing reviewer comments
  • Undo button