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ProVation Care Plans delivers evidence-based interdisciplinary care plan templates derived from the trusted content of Lippincott Solutions. The solution improves patient outcomes and quality of care while delivering a strong return on investment.


The Content

ProVation Care Plans is the only evidence-based care plans solution with content sourced from Lippincott Solutions and its network of hundreds of practicing nurses. With hundreds of pre-built templates, ProVation Care Plans contains thousands of links to Lippincott and UpToDate® Decision Support best practices, graded evidence, quality and safety measures, treatments, drug information and diagnostic tests. And all care plan templates utilize the Clinical Care Classification™ system to drive consistency across disciplines.

The Software

Much more than just a care plans library, ProVation Care Plans is an intelligent clinical content management system. Built on structured data, the solution features an intuitive user interface, anticipatory edit menus that speed template creation, and a web review application that empowers clinicians to review templates from any Web-enabled device.  Additionally, ProVation Care Plans comes with integration to EpicCare Inpatient Clinical System.

The Service

Independent analyst research consistently confirms customer feedback commending ProVation Medical for excellence in a wide range of professional services, including:

  • A top-ranked implementation methodology proven over hundreds of projects
  • Clinical Informatics consulting covering catalog mapping, care plan template creation and quality measure gap analysis
  • Ongoing support including training and education, remote guidance, and workflow analysis and management strategy

The Results

For too many hospitals, developing, reviewing, approving and maintaining care plans is a manual, time-intensive process. With ProVation Care Plans, that process becomes streamlined and automated. Independent analyst research confirms hospitals can achieve a strong return on investment from new staff efficiencies and increased reimbursements.

Note: all patient information used in demonstration materials on this website is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.