Provation Pilots Online Clinical Content Shop Offering Downloadable Evidence-Based Order Sets and Care Plans

December 21, 2020

Provation fills niche demand for à la carte clinical content that is trusted, evidence-based and expert-reviewed

Minneapolis, MN – December 16, 2020 – Provation, the premier software provider of procedure documentation and clinical decision support solutions, today announced the successful launch of the Provation® Clinical Content Shop. This unique online store offers hundreds of evidence-based order sets and care plans specific to hundreds of medical conditions – from influenza and COVID-19 to cardiac surgery and much more.

“We wanted to think outside of the box with Provation Clinical Content Shop. Opening the doors to this digital store allows us to now offer our trusted order sets and care plans à la carte,” said Daniel Hamburger, CEO of Provation “By using this approach, we’re making clinical decision support more accessible for healthcare units of all sizes – from a single in-home care provider, to large hospital teams, and everyone in between.”

The Provation Clinical Content Shop includes extensive libraries for Inpatient Order Sets, Outpatient Order Sets, Emergency Order Sets and Care Plans using the latest evidence and best practices.

Innovation that Delivers Affordable and Credible Clinical Resources

At the onset of COVID-19, Provation set out to innovate ways to provide clinicians with affordable resources to deliver quality healthcare. Through this process emerged the idea of offering clinical content as a service. In March, Provation started to offer free evidence-based COVID-19 order set and care plan PDFs to all healthcare professionals. Since then, its high download rate has shown the immediate and critical need for trusted on-demand clinical content.

“Our goal with the Provation Clinical Content Shop is to make quality healthcare more accessible for providers and their patients,” said Tanni Stone-Dorshow, MD, Principal Writer Analyst Provation. “By offering our trusted medical content on-demand through this online storefront, we can arm healthcare professionals with the latest evidence and best practices in a way that is both convenient and affordable for them.”

Provation has a team of dedicated clinicians that ensure the order sets and care plans offered in the Provation Clinical Content Shop are built on the best available evidence to give providers confidence at the point of care.

About Provation

Provation is a leading provider of healthcare software and SaaS solutions. Our purpose is to empower providers to deliver quality healthcare for all. We provide innovative solutions in clinical productivity, care coordination, quality reporting and billing. Celebrating 25 years, Provation serves thousands of hospitals, surgical facilities, anesthesia groups, and medical offices, including 43 of the top 50 U.S. hospitals for gastroenterology (GI) and GI surgery. Our comprehensive portfolio spans the entire patient procedure, from pre-op through post-op recovery and follow-up, with solutions for physician and nursing documentation (Provation® MD, Provation® Apex, MD-Reports and Provation® MultiCaregiver), patient engagement, surgical care coordination, quality reporting, and billing capture (Provation® SurgicalValet™), order set and care plan management (Provation® Order Set Advisor and Provation® Care Plans), and EHR embedded clinical documentation (Provation® Clinic Note). Provation is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and backed by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. For more information about our solutions, visit provationmedical.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Provation Media Contact

Provation Media Contact
Tristan Galvan
Marketing Communications Manager

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