Webinar Series:
The Cornerstones of Order Set Optimization

Updating order sets with new medical evidence is crucial to improving outcomes, but coordinating maintenance for hundreds of order sets with dozens of stakeholders is a huge logistical challenge. For most hospitals, managing order set content is labor intensive and the internal processes supporting it are far too inefficient. Join us for a four-part, monthly webinar series examining order set optimization and the many benefits it can deliver.

Webinar #3 – Streamlined Collaboration
Tuesday, November 7
2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PST

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Conducting order set reviews and updates can become a scheduling nightmare in a hurry, unless you have the right tools to simplify things. This webinar looks at how advanced web technologies facilitate online collaboration that enables anytime, anywhere review, comment and approval, dramatically shortening review and approval cycles.

Webinar #2 – Content Alignment

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Inefficient order set management doesn’t just waste valuable resources, it can directly impact patient care. This webinar reveals some of the more common issues caused by inefficient order set management. We’ll look at why aligning existing order sets with new evidence has traditionally been labor intensive, and demonstrate a new tool that helps solve that problem once and for all.

Webinar #1 – EHR Interoperability (30 minutes)

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CPOE adoption has dramatically improved access to evidence-based order sets, but hasn’t solved the underlying issue of inefficient order set management. This webinar examines how two-way data interchange between the CPOE and a dedicated clinical content management solution enables streamlined review, approval, and deployment while saving time and money.

Webinar #4 – Trusted Evidence
Tuesday, December 5
2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific

Evidence-based order sets are only as good as their content, which is why regular review and updates are essential. This webinar explores the relationship between clinical content and patient care with an eye toward building trust among the clinical staff. Plus, we will demonstrate a new evidence alignment tool that can easily incorporate the most current medical content into your order sets, regardless of format, including Cerner Power Plans and Epic SmartSets.