Clinical Informatics Strategies Webinar: Evolving to a High-Reliability Delivery Network Using Evidence-based Order Sets

Featuring Rabin Pant, Director of Clinical Informatics, Methodist Health System
Original air date: April 29, 2015

As CMS beefs up reimbursements for performance-based programs like Value-based Purchasing and Readmission Reductions, Methodist Health System is positioned to capitalize on those larger payments. That's because a few years ago, the Dallas-based organization adopted evidence-based order sets and set the goal of becoming a high-reliability delivery network across their four hospitals. Methodist Health put their focus on improving physician adoption of CPOE and their quality measure performance.

As Director of Clinical Informatics, Rabin Pant has led multiple large IT implementations, and was the key figurehead in driving the Methodist rollout of evidence-based order sets. At 18 months after go-live, Rabin is proud to share some of their achievements and results, and expound on their journey toward high-reliabilty.

Attend this webinar to learn about Methodist’s order sets project and outcomes, including:

  • The Methodist definition and goal of becoming a high-reliability delivery network
  • The architecture of their order set governance processes and medical staff engagement, and how Methodist now reacts to The Joint Commission surveyor 
  • "Emergency management" for CPOE down-time processes
  • The impact of ProVation on the CMS Hospital Value-Based Purchasing and Readmission Reduction Programs
  • The contribution to patient satisfaction
  • Creating a culture of safety by redesigning care with evidence based content

Rabin PantRabin Pant is the Corporate Director of Clinical Informatics at Methodist Health System in Dallas, TX. He is an accomplished healthcare leader who has focused much of his career in the healthcare information technology field. Prior to joining Methodist, Mr. Pant provided healthcare management consulting services to Vanguard Health System's IT and Clinical leadership. His experience has covered a broad range of activities ranging from EMR implementation to clinician and provider workflow integration. Mr. Pant considers himself a hybrid professional who works on designing the ideal patient encounter by closing the gap between clinical care and IT applications. Through this type of work Mr. Pant has developed a passion for patient safety and creating high reliability through the use of technology.

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