MedAxiom Spring Conference
CV Transforum Spring ’16

MedAxiom conferences keep members informed of changing trends, technologies, strategies and best practices in cardiology-practice administration and service delivery. MedAxiom members are a mix of cardiology practice attendees including CEOs, other high-level administrators, and cardiologists. If you’re one of them, check out ProVation® MD at CV Transforum Spring '16.

ProVation® MD Cardiology is the only dedicated structured reporting and coding system that improves clinical communication and efficiency inside and outside the cath lab. Powered by an unparalleled, ProVation-maintained database of medical content and intuitive DocuDiagram, ProVation MD Cardiology allows cardiologists to complete procedure reports quickly, ensuring accurate capture of all relevant procedural information, including critical ACC and AUC data elements, and automatically applies appropriate reimbursement codes.

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