ProVation® Order Sets Named CDS-Order Sets Category Leader in 2014 Best in KLAS Report

The Evidence Is In

"At this point, I would never consider another vendor."*

KLAS category leader 2014Thanks to users who truly value the contribution it makes to their medical mission, ProVation® Order Sets, powered by UpToDate Decision Support, is the 2014 Best in KLAS Awards report Category Leader in the Clinical Decision Support-Order Sets segment. This latest recognition comes after user sentiment led KLAS Research to rank ProVation Order Sets as the best overall performer in its “CDS Order Sets and Care Plans 2014: Choosing the Best Option” report issued in September 2014.

The annual Best in KLAS Awards report measures product performance based on surveys and in-depth interviews with thousands of healthcare providers. It’s a rigorous methodology developed to give healthcare providers the impartial information and analysis they need to make key decisions about HIT product and vendor selection.

Wolters Kluwer values the vote of confidence that the Best in KLAS award represents because we take a lot of pride in the quality we put into our clinical solutions. For example:

  • We offer more than 1,000 evidence-based order set templates (along with 340 interdisciplinary care plans)
  • UpToDate continues to be a highly trusted decision support resource with 94% of users saying it improves their quality of care
  • Studies by IDC Health Insights of three ProVation Order Sets customers have shown an annual bottom line benefit averaging $3,000 per bed
  • Our customers often achieve an 80% or greater improvement in their order set governance processes

While we could talk all day about our products (and we’d be happy to do that – just give us a call), for the moment we’ll let a customer tell their story about how ProVation Order Sets improves outcomes and quality of care:

"I use their order sets when there are discontinued medications or medication shortages to readily substitute a medication. So what the order sets allow us to do is type in the drug and see a list of all the order sets that have that medication in it. This is important because recently there was a bicarbonate shortage. Most doses can be dealt with using other medications. However, certain doses cannot, and that includes those around coronary artery bypass surgery patients. We cannot use the substitute medications. So when the list came up, we allowed the substitution where appropriate. We were able to save our short supply to use for the appropriate population so everybody got what they needed when we did not have to hold off on care. To me, ProVation Order Sets score a 12 out of 9 on improving outcomes."*

Being recognized as a top performer and category leader by KLAS and our customers has made 2014 quite a year for ProVation Order Sets, and sets a new standard of quality that we’ll never stop striving to surpass. Our thanks go out to KLAS and our customers for the honor.

*CDS Order Sets and Care Plans 2014: Choosing the Best Option, September 2014,, ©2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

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