ProVation Order Sets Gets Nod in Latest KLAS Report

ProVation® Order Sets from Wolters Kluwer Health is the overall performance leader for order set vendors in the KLAS Research “CDS Order Sets and Care Plans 2014: Choosing the Best Option” performance report released today. The report analyzes responses from interviews with 139 healthcare providers using evidence-based order sets and care plans for clinical decision support at the point of care.

KLASThe KLAS Research report proceeds from the assertion that third-party CDS solutions should help providers standardize care, improve care delivery, and reduce readmissions. It then takes the pulse of how well healthcare providers feel their CDS solutions are meeting those benchmarks and how providers and their CDS vendors can increase the impact of the products to further improve patient care.

The Evidence Is In…
The KLAS performance report is based on feedback from the actual users of the health IT products and services reviewed – people who have intimate knowledge of how the products have integrated into daily workflows and real experience in patient outcome improvements. So it’s gratifying to learn that ProVation Order Sets came out as the overall performance leader, and out of all of our customers KLAS polled, only one said we were not in their long term plans.

Users interviewed for the report recognize us for current, easy-to-consume content, are especially satisfied with our service and support, and appreciate the known value of UpToDate® for evidence-based decision support content.

“To me, ProVation Order Sets scores a 12 out of 9 on improving outcomes,” said one user (questions were scored on a scale of 1-9).

Another noted, “Patient outcomes are improving because our staff is using the system extensively.”

The Feedback
This KLAS performance report provides both an analysis of the data gathered and a sizable anonymous sample of verbatim feedback from users. Some of the most telling and compelling commentary around ProVation Order Sets comes from customers who have used the product to quickly solve difficult clinical challenges. One particular anecdote details the successful outcomes the provider achieved through tighter integration with their EMR:

“When we make changes to our protocols, those changes are implemented overnight in our EMR. We have used our evidence-based ProVation Order Sets to fix backlogs in our ED. This winter we had an influenza outbreak in our area, so we had more than 50 people outside the door waiting to get in and sign in to our emergency department. The only screening test we had in our ED was a test that took two hours, but we had an alternative test that took only 20 minutes. Using the order sets, we were able to communicate with the lab . . . and by embedding the second test in the emergency department order sets, all ED physicians had that readily available to them. So the education for that was just done in real time, and we totally took care of the backlog.”

The Outcomes
Ultimately, improving patient care and outcomes is the driving goal of both CDS vendors and healthcare providers. While the KLAS CDS report notes ProVation Order Sets leads in overall performance, we understand that there is no time for resting on laurels when improving patient care is the goal. The KLAS Research report analysis and commentary provides us as a vendor with additional voice-of-the-customer feedback that can help influence future product improvement and development efforts.

To help you experience the value of ProVation Order Sets, we invite you to download some samples of our evidence-based order set templates to review and compare.