AI-Enabled Patient Recruitment for IBD Clinical Trials

What if you could more quickly identify potentially eligible patients for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) clinical trials? ​You can with the Iterative Health AI Patient Recruitment solution. ​Faster patient recruitment means accelerated technological advancements, better treatments available for your patients, ​and even monetary benefits for your recruitment efforts.

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Accelerate Patient Recruitment for IBD Clinical Trials with Artificial Intelligence

The need for advanced IBD treatments and accelerated IBD clinical trials continues to grow. Here’s why.

The inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) statistics below, as estimated by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, are staggering. Although major scientific advancements have fueled a recent increase in the number of, and effectiveness of, IBD treatments, there is still a need for expedited IBD clinical trials to find viable treatments for those patients who still experience symptoms. Luckily, the Iterative Scopes AI Patient Recruitment solution can help, and even better, it integrates with documentation solutions, like cloud-based Provation® Apex.​

Americans affected by IBD

New IBD cases in U.S. annually

Children affected by IBD in the U.S.

Genes associated with IBD

How does AI Patient Recruitment work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) patient recruitment can accelerate inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) clinical trials and reduce administrative burden. Iterative Health offers proprietary, AI-driven algorithms that are designed to assist gastroenterologists in understanding disease severity by tying together disparate clinical data points to match the right patients for the right IBD trial. Here’s how it works.​

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Key Benefits of AI Patient Recruitment for IBD Clinical Trials

Time is money. AI Patient Recruitment is designed to help you recruit for IBD clinical trials faster and with less effort, all while freeing up time so you can focus on patients.

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AI Patient Recruitment helps clinical research teams and physician investigators:

  • Standardize disease severity scoring​
  • Consistently identify qualified patients across trials
  • Minimize the chances of missing qualified candidates

AI Patient Recruitment identifies qualified patients for your review, while:​

  • Decreasing administrative burden​
  • Automating the review of scoring and other criteria​
  • Expediting the screening process​

Start matching IBD patients to the right clinical trials, with AI.​

Start matching IBD patients to the right clinical trials with AI.​

Whether you are new to IBD clinical trials, or a seasoned pro, we’re here to help.​

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